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::Mikaela. Daughter-of-Winds
27 August 2005 @ 06:44 pm
::It has finally come to pass. My father has deteriorated over the last two days.... we fear that he will soon pass on. I hesitate to call upon Tama, he is with his husband and both I assume to be relaxing within Juste's home. Unfortunately this is out of my hands. As time moves forward we come closer and closer to the point of no return. If my son is not here when my father dies, then my nephew, Horanda, will take over my fathers position.

::This is something I can not allow. This boy is dangerous and will bring ruin to our House. I can only hope that Tama and Juste will forgive me for this....
::Soul-Song: anxiousanxious
::Winds-Song: ::Nothing and Nowhere
::Mikaela. Daughter-of-Winds
14 June 2005 @ 09:21 am
::I have returned tired and worn out. I have spoken with my father and mother and they have agreed that they will consider Tama as my son and will allow him into the House. They wish to meet with him. My father wanted to return here with me.... I did not think that wise, unfortunately he seems determined. I am worried about his reasons for this. Sadly there is little I can do, for now I am weak and can do no more than sleep.
::Soul-Song: draineddrained
::Winds-Song: ::Wheel of Fortune
::Mikaela. Daughter-of-Winds
09 June 2005 @ 12:15 pm
::Both Loki and my son have been teaching Aria and myself how to use these.... computer contraptions. I find them difficult and very hard to understand, while my daughter has picked up upon the finer points with ease. She is fascinated by the sounds the odd box emits when you press a certain button. I have heard Tama yelling at her when she does that, apparently that is not the button she should be pressing, whether she likes the noise or not. I have to laugh, she seems so earnest in her desire to learn, but she does like to torment him so.

::Tama has also decided that he will stay at his school. He wishes to be with his love. I will not force him to come home with me, Juste is a wonderful young man, and I am happy Tama has him to come home to. However, I do hope that he will visit and maybe bring Juste with him. I am sure both would like to meet the rest of the family. My father, my mother.... my sisters, my Uncle. Now that Tama has grown, they do not seem as inclined to turn him away, to kill him, as they once where. They wish to welcome him now with open arms. For that, I am grateful.

::I shall not be spending all of my time there. My daughter and I have been offered a home with Loki and Jez. Jez seems to be.... lonely, shall we say. She is pregnant, I can help with such things. Aria wishes to stay to look after the kittens that Loki discovered today. Truly, I know she wants to keep her eye on Tama.

::To keep in contact with him, Loki has given us a means to speak with him through the computer. I forget the name he used for it, but I do remember the name he chose for me. daughter_of_winds. It is my title. Aria also has such a name, aria_wind_child. With this I have been assured that I can keep in touch with my son. This makes me happy. Still, to use these effectively, I must study this contraption in more detail. I will master it....
::Soul-Song: calmcalm
::Winds-Song: ::Open Your Heart
::Mikaela. Daughter-of-Winds
02 June 2005 @ 11:22 pm
As requested by my son.Collapse )
::Soul-Song: calmcalm
::Winds-Song: End of the World
::Mikaela. Daughter-of-Winds
02 June 2005 @ 05:43 pm
::It finally happened. After so long calling, of so long waiting, wishing and hoping. I saw him. My son. My darling Tama. He has grown into a fine young man. He has taken after his father in looks. His eyes, I claim those as my own. Zephyr's eyes are a much darker blue, almost black. His hair is also a much deeper red, and far longer than Tama's....

::And I am becoming distracted. I have lived in hope that my Love was alive for over a year now. Others have told me he was dead, killed. I have found that to be false. Somehow, he has become a Servant. In much the same way I was to him. I am, how ever, very confused by this. How could he have allowed himself to become bound in such a way? He was, is, a very powerful man. And why.... did he not Summon me? Call me to his aid? Why has he still not called for me? It pains me to think about this, but I must. I wish to see him.

::It would seem that the only way to free my Love from his Cage, is to kill the one he is bound too. That would mean killing Juste's Father. This I do not condone, but understand that it may very well be a necessary evil.

::My son.... My Spirit... My Tama.... I wish to tell him everything. I wish to be with him as I have been unable to these last 21 years of his life. I want to learn all about him, and his husband. I want to teach him all that I know. I want to do that.... with his father by our side also.

::How complicated this all is. I must go and visit Father and Mother and tell them the news. I am uncertain whether to say anything about Zephyr. It could cause some unrest within the House.
::Soul-Song: worriedworried
::Winds-Song: Bliss Forest
::Mikaela. Daughter-of-Winds
02 June 2005 @ 06:57 am
::I am a Spirit without a Master. A Soul without a Home. I am non-violent by nature. Alone I am incapable of doing anything more than stirring up a gale.... but I wish to kill. The creature called Maya. She taunts my Tama. Hurts him for pleasure. This is something I can not forgive, something I must rectify, I have to. Unfortunately, I have no power. I can not set foot on their world. Not unless I am summoned, called to them, called by a new Master.

::This is my goal. My song, the song of the wind, the song I sing to my Tama. I have changed it. I now call to him, beg him to call me into being. I must come to him soon, I must destroy this creature before she destroys him....
::Soul-Song: determineddetermined
::Winds-Song: Leeca
::Mikaela. Daughter-of-Winds
01 June 2005 @ 10:17 pm
::The Master:
A Master is one who controls us. We are powerful, but we can not work alone. We need one strong enough to call us, summon us, only then can we reach our full potential. And with that bond Master and Spirit become an inseparable team. The Master has complete power and control over the Us once summoned. We fight for them, lend Them Our power, Our strength and Our skills. We them Them everything we have to offer, as we become Their Servants. Be belong to them.

Is the name We call ourselves. We have been known by so many names through the ages. Souls, Elementals, Wind Children, Ghosts, Air Spirits, Fae.... but We choose to give ourselves the name "Spirit" as in essence, that is what We are. We are Spirits that live on another plain, We are summoned by the powerful to be bound in Their service. We do this willingly, as it is Our way, Our Law. We do this to create a symbiotic relationship between two people of great strength. We can not become stronger on our own, We need another. This is why We chose to become Summons.

Law gives strict rules on what can and can not be done within the relationship of Master and Spirit. The main Law, the one that has no exceptions, is that you can not fall in love. It is punishable by death.

::I broke this Law. But family and blood plays a large part in Our society. I shall explain more on that at a later date.
::Soul-Song: thoughtfulthoughtful
::Winds-Song: Delirium Comes
::Mikaela. Daughter-of-Winds
01 June 2005 @ 08:30 am
::It is safe to say that I am not entirely human. It is also safe to say that I am weak. For 20 long years I have waited. So long have I waited to be reunited with my child, my heart, my love. I did not want to leave him that day. I was forced to, against my will. You see, my people and theirs can not join. Where forbidden to. By right and by law, my son, myself and my lover.... we all should have been killed that day.

::We where not. My son was taken from me, taken to a place I could not go. My lover was banished, never to return to me. I.... was a forsaken child in the eyes of my father. My mother, such a wonderful woman, she understood my plight. She ordered the world to leave me while I mourned my loss. For three years I mourned. Until my love found his way back to me.

::He had found our son. Those years where years spent in searching. What he found.... was a world that I could influence but not set foot upon, only he, Zephyr, my beloved, only he could go to that world, only he could see our son. He went there to barter for him, to bring him back to us. Those people refused. They wanted him. He was theirs. We could do nothing but watch and mourn once more.

::It was not until much later that we discovered what was going on in that household. By that time it was too late, the damage had been done.... and our son was gone, taken away. The tragedy he had suffered at the hands of those people had forced his fledgling powers to awaken. Like a summer breeze I felt them. Each time he used his skill I could sense it, him. It was the closest I had been do him, and I cried. I sang my joy.... and to my excitement, he heard me.

::At such a young age that should have been impossible. To hear the Voices upon the Wind takes years of training, in schools and with Masters. Both his father and I where astounded and delighted by this. So I would sing to my son. I would sing him to sleep; sing to calm him from the rages that tore at his mind and body. Still I did not seem to have power, not to calm him, not to soothe his Spirit. Someone else had the power to do that. For which I am grateful.

::Last year my beloved vanished. They tell me he was killed. I do not believe them, I have hope still that he will come back to me.

::A few months ago.... the laws changed. Masters and Spirits are no longer forbidden to join. Too little to late.... it does, however, give me the opportunity to see my son. My Tama. My Light and my Spirit.

::There is much I must do. Much I have to prepare for. This will take time. I do not wish to scare him. I will continue with my story at a later date.... when I have time. Time.... flows to quickly for my liking.
::Soul-Song: nervousnervous
::Winds-Song: ::Silver Rain